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dWeb tutorial: Advertising basics - format and costs

1. Introduction

This tutorial is aimed specifically for advertisers - digital marketers, ad creators, and businesses.

The decentralized web project is a tool for communication between users which can be used as a platform for online advertising.

Very distinctive feature of our advertising on the platform is that it requires user/viewer participation and rewards the user for this.

Details on the monetizing model of the platform are available in - dWeb - monetizing model

The big promise of the platform is that advertisers are getting actual impact of their ads when having willing viewers of the ads.

2. Advertisement window

Our platform offers serving image ads on a window with 640 pixels horizontal width and 600 pixels vertical height.

Most of the upper part of the window - 640 x 560 pixels is reserved exclusively for the ad. A small part of the bottom of the window - 640 x 40 pixels is reserved for the action area.

The bottom/action part is divided in 4 areas which serve as clickable buttons. When cursor goes over one of these areas it changes its shape to indicate it is clickable.

ad areas

The user can -
- push '->' button to go to next page, or '<-' for the previous page
- or, push 'skip' to skip pages after the first page and go to next ad
- or, click on the action text which will open a browser tab with the action URL associated with the ad

If the user does not click any button, after 10-15s the ad goes into timeout, the ad serving stops and a default dWeb image is loaded.

The person preparing the ad can still use the bottom 40 pixels because the text of the buttons, currently in light blue / teal color, is overlaid over the whole 640 x 600 pixels image.

Additional details of the ads:
- an ad consists of 1 to 5 images, displayed one after another
- the minimum view time per page is 1s
- the user usually spends more than 1s viewing the page

ad details

While the current ad serving uses the whole 640 x 600 image area to show a single ad potential upcoming additional ad formats may include -
- 2 horizontally placed ads of 320 x 600 size,
- 2 vertically placed ads of 640 x 300 size,
- and 4 ads of 320 x 300 image size

current & upcoming

3. Monetization and costs

Currently the details of the ad format, creation, and serving did crystallize, however the specific way of monetization is still under development.

In general, as viewers of the ads the users are rewarded with crypto-coins which may be exchanged for major established crypto coins (for ex. ETH) or fiat currency (for ex, USD...).

We consider issuing utility type of crypto coins/tokens. The advertisers may purchase our tokens and use them for the ad placement services.

In addition to using the coins for ad placement, advertisers have the choice to trade, and/or exchange their crypto-coins on a crypto-exchange.

To get familiar with our platform we will offer a limited amount of free utility crypto coins - to be used for placing ads.

In addition we will offer crypto coins as rewards for getting referrals as well.

One ad may contain 1 to 5 pages. The cost of 1 view of 1 page is 1 token.

We offer discounts for pages after the first page as follows:
1st page=1token , 2nd page=0.9tokens. , 3rd page=0.8tokens , 4th page=0.7tokens , 5th page=0.6 tokens.

ad costs

The total ad cost will be:
1page ad = 1 token , 2 pages ad = 1.9 tokens , 3pages ad = 2.7 tokens , 4 pages ad = 3.4 tokens , 5pages ad = 4 tokens

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